life after Los Angeles (or, after Los Angeles, life!)

A valley in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in BC.

My husband, our younger daughter, and I live in an off-the-grid valley tucked in the foothills of British Columbia’s Cascade Mountains. (That little beige box above is our home.) We came here from Los Angeles some twelve years back, not only to get free of city burdens – traffic and pollution, noise and crime, high expenses and endless vistas of steel, concrete and glass – but to look anew at the direction our lives were taking and, along with the others in this valley, to create an alternative lifestyle that’s attractive and doable.

In this blog I’ll share with you our adventures here in the Sharanagati Village community. I’d love to hear your comments from wherever you may be…

A little family ecstasy.
On our backyard hammock.John, Priya and me on our backyard trampoline and Shyam, Amrita and Kunja on our backyard hammock.
Red cheeks, exhaustion and delight -- Saranagati winter.Below, Amrita and Priya surviving our first winter.

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