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While walking on our dusty community dirt road earlier this month, I got a whiff of roses from a nearby dust-covered Nootka wild rose bush. I stopped, breathed deeply and was astonished by the goodness of that scent as it filled me. Here’s what happened the next evening, July 7, 2011 (I was standing on our front porch while John held an umbrella over me and the camera):

A brilliant rainbow over a Cascade Valley in British Columbia.Two unbelievably beautiful rainbows decorate Sharanagati Village.A photograph can hardly captures the magic of the moment as two full rainbows arch over our valley.

1 thought on “current events

  1. I have a friend who does “color therapy.” One morning I woke up thinking of a Nootka poem I used to have posted in my classroom and wanted to share with her:

    You, whose day it is,
    make it beautiful.
    Get out your rainbow colors,
    So that it will be beautiful.

    I looked on line to confirm that I had remembered it correctly and found that it was a prayer for rain. I had assumed it was a poet’s admonition to individuals.

    I decided to look for a photo to go with the poem and as I had already input Nootka, when I clicked images one of your rainbow pictures (the single rainbow) serendipitously showed up as the explanation mentioned the Nootka rose.

    I printed the picture and transposed the poem (printed with portrait setting) in the upper left hand corner. Looks great. Sorry I don’t have a scanner attached at the moment.

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