My husband John and I have two daughters and live in a community of spiritually oriented families in the wilds of British Columbia. Just yesterday (July 4, 2011) a scraggly-looking black bear ate most of the lettuce Priya (our youngest) and I planted last month. When I yelled at the bear he sauntered off and although I told him he should never come back, no doubt he will. Our lettuce is just too tasty for him to stay away. Anyway we’re glad to be in this surprise-filled community; that photo in the banner above is a slice of our valley.

My spiritual teacher gave me the name Visakha ( pronounced vishAkhA ) Dasi in 1971 (the same year John and I were married), and although it’s an unusual name in the West, to honor him I’ve used it ever since. I’m still a student spiritually and thrilled to be learning, trying to live by and writing about the Bhagavad-gita’s wisdom. My friend Marie Ann Ostlund suggested that I make this blog to go with my website (our-spiritual-journey.com), and gradually I’m getting how to do it and having fun with it.

Thanks for joining me and I hope the Gita touches your life. My teacher, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, calls the Gita “undoubtedly one of the most brilliant stars in the horizon of the spiritual sky.”


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  1. Vishakha. Loved your book, Harmony. I read it through in just a few hour. Thank you for a small window into your life at Sharanagati and your internal reflections through the lens of Bhagavad Gita. Hope to visit it some day. I completely resonated with your realizations and appreciation of Krishna’s awesome creation. Rambhoru Dasi

  2. Greetings, Visakha! Thank you so very much for sharing some of your beautiful gifts with us in our homeschool group. My family is very inspired by your life’s inner work and by the community you live in. Is it possible to visit there? We would like to know more. Your blog is a treasure. Thank you. Blessings, Faith

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